A revenge spell is spell casted by a person on another person to seek revenge form him/her who has done him/her any harm. A revenge spell is basically a bad luck spell which is focused on the target person to bring him down. It has all the features of a bad luck spell. Revenge spell is casted when you want to take revenge upon someone without being caught or letting him/her know that you are doing the secret harm to him/her.

What are the different types of revenge spell?

There are countless number of revenge spells that can be casted for a number of situations and circumstances. Some of them are discussed below.

  • revengeRevenge spell for enemy
  • Revenge spells for friend
  • Revenge spells for neighbor
  • Revenge spells for lover
  • Revenge spells for relative
  • Revenge spells for partner

What is the purpose to cast are revenge spell?

As it is implied the revenge spell is casted to take a revenge form a person with whom you have animosity. You are at bad terms with him/her and you want to teach him/her a lesson by tearing him/her apart .You cast the revenge spell on him so that all the misfortunes may fall on the person and he/she is done and dusted. The revenge spells are basically a modified versions of the bad luck spell which are focused on a particular person whom we want to ruin and destroy. The main reasons to cast a revenge spells are mentioned below.

  • You don’t want to get caught
  • You want to do it secretly
  • You want to seek vengeance.
  • You want to destroy the person.
  • You want to do it yourself
  • You want to witness his/her ruin.

What is the method to cast a revenge spell?

Since there are so many revenge spells  it is really tough to set a single set procedure to cast all the revenge spells. It will vary from one spell to another. At times the black magic voodoo or witchcraft is also used to cast these spells while at other times only simple and pure white magic is used to cast them.

What are the ingredients used to vast a revenge spell?

The ingredients used to cast the revenge spell will differ according to each and every spell that is casted but in spite of that there could be a collection of some common materials that could be used  .They are listed below.

  • One photo of yours
  • A picture of the target person
  • Personal belongings of you
  • Personal belongings of targeted person
  • Incense
  • Altar

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