is an innovative tool designed to help people mix different cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously. It’s an advanced bitcoin anonymization service that has a number of unique features, including a few secure pools and large bitcoin reserves.

A new tool for cryptocurrency mixing is an industry-leading cryptocurrency tumbler that guarantees 100% anonymization of all virtual transactions and competitive service fees. The protection of customer privacy is its top priority, and that’s why many users call it a safe bitcoin mixer. BestMixer is the only available service that offers total security and anonymity to all users.



How it fights the block-chain

The block-chain is the advanced technology that makes cryptocurrency transactions public and easily traceable. The main reason is that all bitcoin transfers are linked to receiving and sending wallets. That’s why they become easy targets for hackers. How to protect yourself from them?

Turn to that hides all traces and makes it impossible for others to study your transaction history. It maintains the highest level of anonymity by mixing coins and sending them back from new sources.

Secure pools

The coins you sent are deposited into large reserves that contain the coins of other users. This is where they’re mixed, thus breaking links between receiving and sending addresses. has three different pools for bitcoin mixing:

  • Alpha;
  • Beta;

Each one provides a different source for mixed bitcoins.

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