Car Rentals in Singapore

Hiring a Car Rental eases one’s weekend getaways and business meetings. Looking for a car lease? But make sure you are getting them from a registered dealer who is having years of experience in offering their wide fleet of cars on lease with complete mechanical maintenance and servicing. Singapore Car Rentals are one of the most budget car rentals who offer multi-purpose car rentals for long term hire and hence they are best known as cheap car rental in Singapore to Malaysia. Leverage their extensive collection of regularly maintained and registered luxury cars, SUVs, sports vehicles and sedans to enjoy a smooth drive, anywhere, anytime for month-long durations.

Why choose Singapore Car Rentals for Lease?

They are the leading budget car rentals in Singapore who strive hard to offer their customers complete satisfaction with flexible packages that are beyond your imagination. They allow their cars on lease to any corporate clients and private users in Singapore.

All their vehicles are valued for money in Singapore which is offered with unlimited mileage and servicing. Therefore hire your favorite vehicle to travel from Singapore to Malaysia that is equipped with the latest technological features to offer you a steady and comfortable drive.

Car Rentals for Lease

They are specialized in offering 24 hours breakdown and towing as if your original hired one is not operational and you got struck they will immediately replace your vehicle within a short period.


Hire or Lease your car from Singapore Car Rentals who offer a wide range of economy cars to luxury vehicles at low prices that are valued for money to offer their customer’s complete satisfaction. Leverage their budget car rental packages and services for a happy ride in Singapore to Malaysia.

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